Episode 03 – Santeri Huikari & Joakim Isoaho from TeamUp

How can it be that we as individuals find working in teams so effective? For example a recent study from the American Psychological Association (APA) finds that team building activities can help employees feel valued, and those that do are the most motivated to do great work.

Still, at least as a student or starting entrepreneur it’s sometimes surprisingly hard to find good people to work with, even with a relatively good idea. Or vice versa, it could be frustrating a student, from it world for example, to become an entrepreneur without a good idea. Therefore getting everyone together could create something great, since group is much more than just a bunch of individuals.

To talk about teaming, startups and ideas today, we have Santeri Huikari and Joakim Isoaho from team of Aalto entrepreneurship society’s latest event, TeamUp.

Things referred during the episode:
– 10 Insights on Building, Motivating and Managing an Exceptional Team: www.entrepreneur.com/article/234475
– TeamUp Bootcamp -event: www.facebook.com/events/225019324505989/

For more info, visit:
– StartTalk’s website: www.starttalk.net
– TeamUp’s website: teamup.aaltoes.com

StartTalk is part of Aaltoes – Aalto Entrepreneurship Society based in Finland. Check out more at aaltoes.com

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