Episode 05 – Tom Himanen from Elonhakkuu and Klikinsäästäjä

Working as an entrepreneur can be time consuming and requires a lot of effort. The whole notion of the energy it takes to start a company and get it running is one of the reasons why people don’t do it in the first place. If running a company is time consuming, how about being involved in two companies?

To talk about topic of productivity and entrepreneurship, we were joined by Tom Himanen, the CEO of a mobile and web developing company Elonhakkuu and one of the masterminds behind the Finnish social media phenomenon Klikinsäästäjä. Himanen and his team have just released an application for achieving fitness goals and learning full body movement tricks. Klikinsäästäjä is developing its own application as well.

How does one have so many irons in the fire. Does this need a special person with unordinary ways of doing things? Why does Tom work so much and what is his philosophy behind all this?

This and much more in this episode of StartTalk.

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