Episode 06 – Elina uutela

Elina Uutela has been hanging around inside the Helsinki startup scene for a while and has therefore seen the growth of scene and shift of discussion happening around the startup movement.

She was originally a social sciences student in Helsinki University and was asked to join the Aaltoes back in 2012 with the words “Why don’t you stop whining and come to see what you’d be able to do?”. Since, she’s been involved with many projects like Founder’s week, Aaltoes Board (as a president), Slush (as a COO) and Helsinki Think Company (as a founder).

During the episode, Elina talks about impact startup movement is making in society, what motivates herself to create new things and work inside the movement every day and what she thinks needs to be changed in the world.

Things referred during the episode:
Founders week: arcticstartup.com/article/aaltoes-…n-valley-guests/
Hack the budget: http://www.meetup.com/Open-Data-Finland/events/230486293/
Basic income hackathon: http://www.sitra.fi/tapahtumat/perustu…eilu/perustulohack
Y Combinators basic income -project: blog.ycombinator.com/basic-income
Oppimo: oppimo.fi
Slush: http://www.slush.org

For more info, visit:
StartTalk’s website: http://www.starttalk.net
Elina’s Twitter: twitter.com/elinauutela

StartTalk is part of Aaltoes – Aalto Entrepreneurship Society based in Finland. Check out more at aaltoes.com

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